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Still time to complete the list

I came online to live journal today because I totally thought that our Mission 101 ended sometime this month - but now I realize that I have lots more time! Even though I never post here, and hardly ever look at my list, I still keep it in mind and since they were all things I really wanted to do anyhow, I've got lots of progress. So now that I know I have a few more months maybe I'll try to do a few more things on the ol' list.
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Well, it's getting down to the end of Mission 101 2009. Just a few more months left! It feels like I just wrote my list yesterday or something.
As the title of this post indicates, I've officially completed 48 of 101 goals, but I've been working on three or four others. The one that's in progress that I'm the MOST proud of is goal #38, "Keep a journal every day for a year." I've written 239 out of 365 entries! That's a gigantic goal that, in the beginning, I honestly didn't think I would be able to complete. But I'll be finishing up at the beginning of May! :D

Also, I'm leaving to study abroad in Japan at the beginning of April, so I'll be getting goal #20, "Visit Japan," out of the way, possibly along with other travel goals. Unfortunately, this semester I failed to keep my GPA above a 3.6 (because I got my first C of college UGHHH I'm so mad at myself), so I modified the goal to keeping it at least at a 3.5...

Finally, I'm hoping to complete goal #41, "Get engaged" in the coming months... My boyfriend has hinted that he wants to propose on our one-year anniversay. Whooooo. That's definitely a goal that I didn't think I would even come CLOSE to, but I put it on my list for kicks. And now I might actually complete it before September. Wow! :)

Does anyone in this group plan to start another Mission 101 list after this one is through? And is anyone close to completing all their goals? (Or has anyone already completed all their goals?) I'm just curious! Let me know~!
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Long time no update...

*waves a bit sheepishly*

I haven't updated in this community in...a very long time.  However, I have been keeping track of my Mission 101-2009 and updating on my personl journal regularly.  I'm giving the link to the latest update on my journal, and this update includes links to all the updates before this one.

I wouldn't say I'm making rapid progress, and I'm failing at some things that surprise me when I don't meet the goal...but I'm still having fun.  :)

So, here's the latest update, and I plan on updating to this community on a more regular basis from now on (especially since this challenge is finished in September this year...)

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Change to my 101 list

I decided recently that my task #97 of buying Christmas decorations for the office was possib;ly infeasible due to health and safety restrictions, so I have decided to change this one to:

97. Get a set of business cards for myself

The reason is that I frequently get handed business cards by other people and feel really LAME for not having any myself. I few years back another guy and I were talking to a girl in the station and I saw him confidently handing her his card, and I didn't have anything to give her - it might even be a confidence booster for me.

69 Down

I completed another task - No. 50 (Visit the Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square)

I went there tonight and watched "Burke and Hare"; the main attraction was Harry Potter but decided to wait until DVD to avoid all the kids.

I've not made a lot of progress lately on my other tasks, but I have started to get back into going jogging.


So, I definitely keep changing my list. I think I'm going to add this:

-Write 3 HONEST letters to 3 people. In the end either give them, or burn them.

I started writing one tonight to a guy I like/my best friend. I feel like in the end this is going to make me happier finally letting out ALL of my thoughts about the people I choose.