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A new mission

Well, now that the first mission is over, it's time for a new one. I've posted a wrap-up summary on my personal journal, here.

Mission beginning September 30, 2011

Health & Personal Care

001. Floss at least once a week
002. Get an A+ at the dentist
003. Get back into yoga
004. Make a habit of taking vitamins
005. Get a microdermabrasion treatment
006. Treat myself to something nice regularly without spending money
007. Stay hydrated
008. Stop picking at cuticles
009. Follow a workout routine
010. Work on social anxiety
011. Get Nike+ shoes
012. Have scalp cysts removed
013. Stretch until I can touch my toes
014. Feel confident in a bikini
015. Get a professional massage
016. Clease soul (walk barefoot in the grass at sunset) at least once a week

Money & Responsibility
017. Save $5000
018. Stick to a budget
019. Get my airbags repaired
020. Deposit 10% of each year's savings to Fidelity
021. Open a Fidelity credit card
022. Open a second checking account for bills
023. Do not allow any item on a to-do list to sit for more than a month
024. Go the whole mission without any driving accidents or infractions
025. Move into my own place
026. Hold three un-procrastination days
027. Get a scooter
028. Create a box for all important documents & belongings

029. Create an editing website
030. Take one editing class or workshop each year
031. Put together a comprehensive and business-casual wardrobe
032. Learn about self-employment
033. Find a job in publishing
034. Leave my current job
035. Get Adobe CS5

Creativity & Self-Exploration
036. Spend two hours volunteering for every goal failed
037. Create a new steampunk costume
038. Go to an anime con
039. Get a piercing
040. Make three new Totoro ceramic pieces
041. Get a creative writing prompt book and finish at least half of it
042. Enter a creative writing contest
043. Take a picture of myself every day for a year and make a video of them all
044. Feng shui a room
045. Take one frivolous vacation
046. Try ten new foods
047. (personal)
048. Find a happy relationship
049. Travel to some other country in the Americas
050. Sing karaoke with friends
051. Go to one Meetup event monthly
052. Have my portrait made
053. Send something to Post Secret
054. Make a picture frame jewelry organizer
055. Get a dog
056. Make a new friend
057. (personal)
058. Create ten pieces of Andy Goldsworthy style nature art
059. (personal)
060. Make sea glass jewelry

061. Take some physics classes
062. Apply to grad school
063. Take music classes or lessons
064. Take riding lessons
065. Learn to read hiragana
066. Learn to read katakana
067. Take a Japanese class
068. Read all major religious texts

Hobbies & Interests
069. Finish a Pokédex
070. Participate in four Read-a-thons
071. Watch ten complete anime series
072. Get current with Shippuden
073. Finish every year with no unfinished projects
074. Read every book written by Arthur C. Clarke
075. Read at least part of every book on NPR's top 100 sci-fi/fantasy book list
076. Finish everything on my dad's list
077. Make a photo album
078. Put together a Lolita outfit
079. Find a friend who will dress up as the Doctor to my Rose
080. Finish Mums's cross-stitch
081. Watch a meteor shower with donuts and coffee
082. Go camping
083. Snorkel
084. Learn three new songs on flute
085. Hold an organ recital

Miscellaneous Goals
086. Fix or trash all broken jewelry
087. Fix or trash all damaged clothing/accessories
088. Compile a recipe book/binder
089. Ride the Giant Dipper fifteen times in a row
090. Organize a Santa Cruz reunion with my two elementary school best friends
091. Buy a nice bra from Victoria's Secret
092. Have a sweet 2012 New Year's Eve party

Challenge Goals from Friends
093. Give something I hated five years ago another chance
094. Try something completely new
095. See one crazy idea through to fruition
096. Join an RPG campaign
097. Work toward an achievable creative goal
098. (personal)
099. Make an ABC list of things I haven't tried, and try all of them
100. Visit somewhere new and go by a different name for a day
101. Make a list of ten adjectives I want to describe me, and evaluate progress toward those adjectives at the end of the mission

Here's hoping for more success the second time around!
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