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Here's the update. Completed goals are crossed out, ones with progress or part-way done are in bold.


  1. Learn to give Shon more space
  2. Go to Russia to see my family
  3. Have them come over to see us – Mom’s visa interview is next week!
  4. Do a video interview with my Grammy or at least write the questions and mail them to Mom & Dad so that they can interview her
  5. Write at least one email to each of my friends/family members every month – failed miserably. But we do keep in touch thru Facebook
  6. Become good friends with someone in the area
  7. Have a really fun Valentine’s Day
  8. Get pregnant (by the end of this) – not happening just yet
  9. Give Shon small gifts once a month – could have done much better!
  10. Take Shon on picnics once a month in spring and summer – I’ve done this a couple of times, but there are no picnic-friendly places where we are now


  1. To dress for my body – I hope there’s an improvement
  2. The lyrics to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel
  3. To make pancakes
  4. To make those awesome rolls my Mom and Grammy make – I guess it will take Mom coming over for me to learn!
  5. More about Russian and US history - failed
  6. To make good pizza crust
  7. To accept criticism – I think there’s progress
  8. To ignore criticism when it concerns your creativity – doing much better!
  9. The two piano pieces I've been torturing for years
  10. Another piano piece or two


  1. 50 more recipe cards for my sister - failed
  2. A scrapbook - failed
  3. A pair of baby booties for Mackenzie’s baby (by July)

Hobbies and Activities:

  1. Take at least once picture every day – haven’t done this consistently, but have been taking a lot of pictures anyway
  2. Do at least one sketch a week - failed
  3. Find someone to illustrate my children's story (Brandon?) – tried but failed
  4. Try to get it published – didn’t even try
  5. Travel, travel, travel
  6. Crochet a sweater – maybe this fall?
  7. Take dancing lessons with Shon – no dancing classes available!
  8. Take beading/wirework classes – none available!
  9. Find a hobby or two Shon and I can enjoy together – hmmm
  10. Adopt/buy a dog
  11. Get my French and Spanish back in shape - failed
  12. Participate in the shoebox project
  13. Volunteer somewhere
  14. Keep track of the books I’ve read during these 1001 days – done pretty good with this!
  15. Write in my paper journal at least once a week- failed
  16. Read 10 non-fiction books on art/music/history/photography/traveling/psychology/writing/teaching/religion – need to recount
  17. Get Marva to take me flying on her plane – we moved
  18. Go to at least a couple of knitting club meetings with Mackenzie – we moved
  19. Go to Billy Joel and Elton John’s concert while they are on tour together – went to see U2 instead!
  20. Dress up for Halloween (I’ve never done it!!) - failed
  21. Go to see some cool show – a musical, Cirque de Soleil, Snow Show – something! – went to New American Shakespeare Tavern.
  22. Reread the poetry by the British and American poets I studied at RACU - partway
  23. Have people come over and hang out more often
  24. Buy a tablet and learn to operate it - failed
  25. Swim with dolphins - failed
  26. Visit Williamsburg - failed
  27. Visit Washington D.C
  28. Take a picture of every goal completed – failed. Was not a good idea
  29. Organize or help organize a cookie swap party - failed
  30. Ride horses down a trail with Shon, Katie, and Garth – we moved!
  31. Bake bread at least once a month – failed.
  32. Go to the beach at least once
  33. Once a month, take a picture of a dish I made and post it together with the recipe – failed. Didn’t do it regularly
  34. Write a Christmas song – failed, but wrote 2 other songs
  35. Finish the “Clear” song – see above
  36. Complete 2 reasonable large cross-stitch projects – failed. Have 2 half-way done
  37. Try harder to sell my crocheted baby booties – I did. But now I don’t have time.

Health and Beauty:

  1. Exercise at least twice a week
  2. Get my flat stomach back and keep it that way – failed. Still working on it!
  3. Cut down on bad carbs
  4. Eat at least one serving of FRESH fruit or vegetable a day
  5. Find 101 good vegetarian recipes (and try them all!) – I’m sure I found and tried more!
  6. Drink those 8 glasses of water every day! – I’ve been pretty good
  7. Use hand and body lotions every day
  8. Keep my eyebrows in shape
  9. Find a lipstick that will look good on me
  10. Take my vitamins daily – still struggling to remember
  11. Use sunscreen every day between March and November – use it every day when I do more than a 5-minute car ride
  12. See a dermatologist - failed
  13. Buy a really really cool set of lingerie :P - failed
  14. Get a professional pedicure at least once - failed
  15. Dress up more often

Personal Issues:

  1. Find a way to combine my Russianness with my emerging Americanness
  2. Lie and pretend less, be myself more
  3. Figure out if I have any other talents besides speaking English, since this one doesn’t count anymore
  4. Stop saving on myself
  5. Stop expecting others to entertain me during holidays – make those days special myself
  6. Be confident
  7. Stop comparing myself to others – I think there’s progress
  8. Do some sort of fasting during the last week of the Great Lent – give up sweets, or Internet, or whatever
  9. Enjoy life


  1. Find a job
  2. Get the Green Card
  3. Get the permanent Green Card – awaiting the decision from USCIS
  4. Put together an application for citizenship – can’t do it until next March
  5. Figure out what I want to do with my B.A. in English language and Literature, if anything – still working on it
  6. Find a way to do some interpreting/translating without making Shon move to a big city - failed
  7. Help Shon get us out of debt – credit cards and bike loan paid off! School loan left.
  8. Get a job oversees - or at least go there with Shon while he is teaching there – almost went to UAE this year. Had to turn it down. Next year will try again.


  1. Balance my checkbook every week – not necessary anymore. I do it online!
  2. Have professional pictures of me and Shon taken twice a year – once a year is more like it
  3. Mop the floors twice a week - failed
  4. Donate some money to RACU – it no longer exists
  5. Have an herb garden – how about a real garden?
  6. Become a really good and careful driver
  7. Buy a Mini Cooper – were looking at them, but need something bigger
  8. Copy all of my new photos and writings to CD’s once a month - failed
  9. Start a Bible study for the girls from our youth group or help Megan start one - failed

 I have not completed everything, but I think I've done fairly well, considering that I mostly forgot about this list and that certain goals became impossible to complete since we moved away from friends and civilization 2 years ago. 

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