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Overdue Update.

Blue - started
Green - completed
Red - cancelled/failed.

Just a brief, undetailed update. I'm going to try and get back on track with this. Not long left!

1. Put at least 10 more pieces of art on my DeviantArt, not counting my scraps.

2. Actually finish all the pieces of art I've started.

3. Do a detailed drawing or digital painting of someone that matters to me.
4. Go to stretching & limbering 5 times. [7453/5]
5. Start intermediate!!

6. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's without falling asleep, so not while I'm in bed.
7. See a band in concert.
8. See a Japanese band in concert.
9. See a band I've never listened to before in concert.

10. Go to a music festival like V or Glastonbury.
11. Watch Blues Brothers.
12. Watch Trainspotting.

Health/beauty/image etc
13. Lose weight.

14.Get my tongue pierced and show my mum.
15. Get a tattoo which only my closest friends & the people I'm intimate with will know about.
16. Wear more skirts.

17. Own a little black dress.
18.Completely clean out and change my wardrobe so it reflects who I am before I go to college.
19. Buy a really fancy underwear set.
20. Find another pair of light blue jeans that fit just as well as my other ones did.
21. Dye my hair like I've always wanted to - a lighter blonde with several hardly visible black strips on the left side of my head.
22. Accept the size of my ribs.
23. Buy at least one dress I can wear out casually...and wear it.

24. Drink more water, enough so it becomes habit to drink water.

25. Eat less crap, eg less snacking.

26. Stop having cake or other rubbish for lunch.

27. Learn to turn down offers of free food.


28. Get an actual job, not just a paper round or babysitting.
29. Apply for a job as a character at the town park when I'm old enough.
30. Save all my coppers for the whole 1001 days.
31. Save up at least £200 to spend on my new wardrobe.

32. Drop 50 pennies randomly. [5/50]

33. Start saving to buy dad a Gibson 330. Actually saving up enough might prove to be impossible, especially in the current climate, so I might take this one up with my brother and go halves.

My room

34. Make my bed into a proper cozy den with fairy lights and everything.

35. Redecorate my room.
36. Cover one of my walls with art, photos, prints, posters and stuff which is of general interest to me.

37. Buy an Audrey Hepburn poster, or something of the sort and put it in my room.
38. Buy a new alarm clock.
39. Organise my desk. Keep it organised.


40. Buy someone I love flowers out of my own pocket just because.

41. Have sex.
42. Kiss in the rain.
43. Take a shower with someone else.
44. Stay in touch with Emma.

45. Try and get back in touch with Kaho.

46. Meet Soph or Hestia.
47. Go camping with my mates.
48. Make out with a girl.
49. Have a really stereotypically girly sleepover with at least 3 of my mates.

50. Make out with 3 different people in 24 hours.

51. Get him out of my life for good.

52. Give someone a decent hickey - one which is visible for a week afterwards.
53. Pull an all nighter with a mate.

54. Stay in touch with my darling Hollie.

55. Comfort someone who needs it, no matter how little I know them.
56. Make someone I don't know feel really good about themselves.


57. Actually make three deadlines.
58. Decide what I want to do at university.

59. Get offers from at least 2 universities that I want to go to.

60. Try my absolute utter hardest to get above a C in GCSE art.

61. Study hard for my GCSEs at least 3 days before each exam!

62. Learn to speak basic german well enough that I can hold a conversation and understand what is being said.
63. Get better at using Photoshop.

64. Wear my contact lenses on schooldays for 3 weeks straight.
65. Learn guitar well enough so I can actually say "I can play guitar".
66. Ask my maths teacher for help after school. Actually sit down with him and re-learn everything I've forgotten. That or get a maths tutor.

67. Get 3 As in my GCSEs, not counting my English GCSE.
68. Don't slack off while on study leave.

The rest
69. Get so totally hammered that I can't remember the night before.
70. Finish & organise this list somehow.

71. Dance in the rain.

72. Go to an anime convention.
73. Get a new phone!
74. Go to a cemetery and place a bunch of flowers over a neglected grave on 3 separate occasions. [0/3]
75. Send a message in a bottle.
76. Try smoking. Don't get addicted, just try it.
77. Go out enough in the summer holidays 2009 that I actually feel like I haven't sat on my ass all summer ad have a social life.

78. Ditto 2010.
79. Ditto 2011.
80. Take my camera into school one day and take lots of pictures just because I can.
81. Skinny dip.
82. Pull an all nighter.
83. Have one decent new years which I don't regret.

84. Take a random picture each day for three months, not necessarily straight. [0/3]
85. Take a picture of myself every day for a month straight.
86. Buy at least one of the PostSecret books.
87. Do something for my 16th - no matter how big or small, just do something!

88. Clean up my iPod.
89. Clean up all the files on my computer.

90. Have a lucid dream.
91. Keep a dream diary for a month.
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