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101 things to complete before Sept 29, 2011

1. Marry Genevieve Flores

2. Graduate college

3. Keep up with the 25-35 study hours

4. Better my G.P.A

5. Finish watching all episodes of Xena the Warrior Princess

6. Run a marathon

7. Finish reading all the books I didn’t

8. Ride bike to school at least 2 times a day

9. Go to Canada

10. Go to Germany

11. See a movie at the drive in

12. Play football

13. Play softball

14. Write poetry 5/5

15. Go hiking

16. Hike up to the P in SLO

17. Learn how to swim

18. Visit the beach 3 times every year 2009_ 2010_ 2011_

19. Visit my grand parents’ grave

20. Walk my dog at least 100 times

21. Get arrested

22. Learn how to cook

23. Sing to Gen

24. Be out to my whole family

25. Buy a painting

26. Complete a food challenge

27. Take more pictures then print them

28. Take a haunted tour

29. Quit Vons

30. Get a new job

31. Get a new tattoo

32. Bartending school

33. Donate blood on Sept 14th 2010_ and Sept 14th 2011_

34. Donate hair again

35. See an opera:

36. See another play: Marisol

37. Get a scholarship

38. Plant a tree

39. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

40. Volunteer at an animal shelter

41. Be in the audience of a day time television show

42. Drive ROUTE 66

43. Buy a helmet

44. Buy a new phone

45. Learn how to skateboard

46. Smoke in Amsterdam

47. Go to Hawaii

48. Go to dinner with my family and be able to pay for it

49. Wine tasting with the family

50. Get Matt out of the house

51. Whale watching

52. Visit one of the Channel Islands

53. Buy my French champagne

54. Eat McDonald’s French fries in Canada

55. Take a train to a random place

56. Visit another state in America

57. Participate in a poetry slam

58. Hike Bishop’s Peak

59. Red Hot Pottery with Gen in SLO

60. Kayaking

61. Snowboard

62. Buy Chelsea a mountain

63. Go camping

64. Shooting range

65. Finish a video game Banjo Kazooie

66. Go fishing

67. Paintballing

68. Learn how to horseback ride

69. Get my own studio

70. Sock Steven if we don’t make puppets

71. San Diego ZOO

72. Sea World

73. Learn sign language

74. Go to Japan with June

75. Do karaoke

76. Solve a Rubik’s cube

77. Attend 11 concerts _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

78. Speak more Spanish

79. San Diego Pride

80. Call my family more when in SLO

81. Spend New Year’s with the fam bam

82. Read the Bible

83. Habitat for Humanity

84. Attend Warped Tour

85. Blow something up

86. Send something to PostSecret

87. Play in the snow

88. Participate in a FlashMob

89. Get rid of debt

90. Give out candy for Halloween

91. See Les Miserables

92. Give $20 to someone who deserves it : Momma

93. Buy an outfit from American Apparel

94. Celebrate Gen’s 21st hardcore

95. Cook my family dinner and dessert

96. Be there for the birth of Sarah’s baby

97. Baptize my nephew/neice

98. Eat an exotic food: poutine

99. Buy a quality pea coat

100. Pea soup Anderson

101. Complete this list!

Some of these I completed after the deadline. It was a fun project to do.

wooyoung bb


Soooooo I definitely thought for the longest time that this challenge was supposed to end on September 21st....
And so I already did my final tally.... awkward....

My final count is...Collapse )

Here's to 2.75 years of our lives spent (hopefully) in productivity and wish fulfillment! :D
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Major failure from Pollita85

Hello again, everyone. Well well, I cannot believe that this challenge is coming to an end already. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my list, and I remember thinking that September 2011 was forever away. And yet here we are, September 2011.

To be honest, the last 1001 days have not been the easiest and I am so far from my goal it's unreal. I have suffered a lot of sadness in the last 2 and a half years, although I feel that I'm starting to get myself back on track now and so I do plan on starting a new 101 challenge soon in honor of my new life :) 

If anyone wants to follow me or my new challenge my journal is friends only, however add me and leave me a comment and I'll add you in - I'm always happy to meet new friends!

So before I start on my list of (un)achievements, I'll give you a little information on how my life has changed since I started this challenge. January 1st 2009 I was 23 years old, I was engaged to my fiance of 6 years, I was living between the UK and the US and was in the middle of applying for my green card so I could live there permanently. I was out of work because of the impending move, but I had lots of nice things planned. Life was going well. 

Fast forward to September 2011, I'm 26 years old, single after my fiance ended things 6 weeks before our wedding (and while I was pregnant although unfortunately I miscarried), I have a full time job but I'm making the move into being a full time photographer. I recently lost my Dad and my heart is pretty much broken right now. I'm 20 lbs HEAVIER than I was at the start of the challenge (even though I was still fat then...). I have dated someone since my ex-fiance but nothing serious and definitely nothing I could class as a relationship, and I'm very lonely. I'm living in the UK permanently with no plans to return to the US. It's unlikely I'll ever be able to have a child so I've adopted a fur-child instead (Golden Retriever). I'm looking into adopting a child in the next 5 years or so. I have two houses, one inherited from my dad after he died, another given by my mum, and I'll be buying a third house for investment back in Oklahoma at the start of 2012. 

I guess there's a lot going on, but everything else I'll update in my private journal. Onto the challenge!Collapse )

horizon by _glitterdoll

Mission 101 Ends this month!!

Mission 101 2009 is ending SEPTEMBER 29! Can you believe we've made it 1001 days? How have things changed since you started on January 1, 2009? How many goals have you accomplished? Will you try and cram a few more in before time runs out? Will you make a new 101 list??

Personally, I started this Mission 101 in Ohio, moved to France and then out to Arizona. I got my BA and started grad school. I was single and this month I'll celebrate one year with my partner. It's amazing what can be accomplished in 1001 days!

I hope everyone will share their lists -- completed or not -- as we get to the end of this journey!


Here's the update. Completed goals are crossed out, ones with progress or part-way done are in bold.
Relationships/Family:Collapse )

Collapse )

 I have not completed everything, but I think I've done fairly well, considering that I mostly forgot about this list and that certain goals became impossible to complete since we moved away from friends and civilization 2 years ago. 


Mission 101 Progress Report: Day 921 (Plus something I learned)

I'm posting an update now because I just accomplished a major milestone: For the first time, I moved to a place where I can stay indefinitely (as long as I keep the job I currently have, which is also of indefinite duration). I thought now was a good time to assess where I am and what I need to focus on next, and also to share something I've learned about the Mission 101 process.

The goals that are newly completed since the last time I posted a progress report are: 7 and 22.

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[Twin Peaks] Cooper and His Coffee

Just some general questions...

We're just under 150 days left in the challenge. How are you all doing on your lists? Are you behind, ahead, right on track? Are you doing anything to make sure you accomplish your goals before the 1001 days are up?

What have you learned so far? Is there anything you wish you'd done differently? What goal are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

Do you think you'll be taking on this challenge again after the 1001 days are up? Do you have plans to begin again right away, or after a few months, or even years?