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04 September 2011 @ 11:21 pm
My 101 in 1001...  
Like many other peoples, has not gone quite to plan! I re-edited my list a third of the way through due to my hip operation (hey, at least that's one thing completed!) and not being able to do so much in the first 12 months.

My original list is here if anyone wants to look.

But my redone list is Under the cut, so very much on it's way to being something....

Bold is stuff i've completed
Italic is stuff i'm working on
Strike though is stuff i've achieved from my previous list

1. Get a better job that i like and want to stay in.
2. Pay off my overdraft.
3. Get my leg fixed
4. Lose 1/2 stone.
5. Start cycling at least 4 days a week. - starting again in the summer. Yes i'm a fairweather cycler, no i don't care :P
6. Continue on with Scarlett Sta and keep being positive about its sucess. (This is a burlesque night i run!)
7. Visit Australia and do the koala volunteering programme.
8. Save enough money to go travelling in Aus and NZ after the koalas.
9. Go to at least 1 festival a year.
10. Learn the constellations.

11. Bake more - can't stop me now!
12. Learn how to perfect butter cream HELL yes!
13. Learn the piano again
14. Take at least one photo a day
15. Set up my Etsy shop properly
16. Once #3 is done, start dancing again regularly.
17. Go to more gigs. - been to loads this last year and have loads more planned!
18. Go skydiving again, and try and get my certificate.
19. Volunteer somewhere. - I used to volunteer at a charity shop, but don't anymore.
20. ^^ Go at least 4 times a month.

21. Climb a mountain I'm starting to train for the Three Peaks Challenge. Determined to do it next year.
22. Get my bike license.
23. Start my half sleeve
24. Finish my half sleeve
25. Start my backpiece
26. Visit a volcano
27. Visit friends more often
28. Visit New York
29. Go to Ground Zero
30. Go to Scotland by train - hopefully my plans for this will come about!

31. Do the Moonwalk (not MJ related thing either!)
32. Run the Race For Life (or walk it at least) - 42 minutes, and i ran most of the way :)
33. Spend more time reading (2 books a week at least) [0/256] Given up counting!
34. Learn to ride a horse
35. Go back to prague
36. Go back to Venice
37. Ignore christmas
38. Gets my braces done
39. Learn to scuba dive
40. Do more proactive vegan stuff This is a bit of a failure as most of them got arrested and charged with criminal damage, and thats something i want NO part in.
41. Buy a sewing machine
42. Make a good well fitting skirt for myself
43. Try and crawl out of bed earlier than 9am at least twice a week Have to for work!
44. Buy a flowers once a fortnight and give them to a stranger - I managed this one bar one month, and intened to carry on doing it this round.
45. Get more layers cut into my hair
46. Get off my painkillers :(

47. Find out how to engrave a "stone" (Feel free to ask what this is!)
48. Go to see Billy Connolly. Again. :P
49. Go to see Dylan Moran. Again :P
50. Go to see Eliza Doolittle - 5th April '11!

51. Watch Greys Anatomy end-end - Done, and currently doing again as there have been more series since i first wrote this :P
52. Smile more - Since i met my best friend, i think i can say i've achieved this one. :)
53. Tell random people in the street that look good/dress well exactly that
54. Improve my wardrobe
55. get an pair of vegan DMs.
56. Set up a savings account - ongoing!
57. Drink less vodka - Going sober for this month! Also found gin, so drink very little vodka now. Not sure that counts...
58. Learn how to apply eyeliner - still can't do this unattended :P
59. Throw a message in a bottle into the sea. - Done.
60. Drink more smoothies

61. Buy a waffle maker
62. Use the waffle maker at least once a week
63. Start to eat a proper breakfast at least twice a week
64. Get a tin, customise it, and put all my change in at the end of every week. - no tin, but i do have a MAHOOSIVE Smirnoff bottle instead.
65. Watch Ginger Snaps all the way through.
66. Watch the Saw series all the way though.
67. Go to Iceland
68. See the Northern Lights
69. Paint a rainbow on my bedroom wall
70. Make the house up to how it is in my head.

71. Buy some fresh herbs (and keep the plants alive!)
72. Read War & Peace again
73. Go volunteer with my friends at an orphanage in Ghana - not long gotten back from doing this. I went with a different friends charity, but OMG. I can't begin to express how amazing this was.
74. Freecycle/charity shop anything i dont use/havent used in 3 months
75. Freecycle/charity shop any clothes i havent worn in 6 months
76. See the sun rise over the Pyramids
77. Get my address book up to date
78. Go to Torture Garden
79. Buy a fabulous, custom overbust corset. In red. AND wear it.
80. Write a soup cookbook for myself.

81. Learn to walk in heels
82. Buy myself a fabulous pair

83. Learn to sail Fail :/
84. Learn to surf
85. Go ice skating once a month (when no 3 done!)
86. Dye my hair blue/red/purple/green/pink/anycolourifancyatthetime. :D
87. Get another penpal and try to write at least once every month
88. Complete my David Attenborough collection
89. Complete my Micheal Palin collection
90. Buy a decent spice rack

91. Walk away from the people that have no time for me anymore - Done.
92. Spend more time with my real friends
93. Learn sign language
94. Renew my first aid certificate Had the opportunity to do this at work :)
95. Keep a scrap book of my friends and family
96. Visit Auchwitz
97. Write a decent user info
98. Try at least 20 new flavors of tea - tea obsession is ongoing :D
99. Donate Blood - this is going to be an issue as i keep having tattoos! :(
100. Stay vegan :)

101. Donate £5 to charity for each item not completed on this list by the end date. Donate £2 to charity for every task completed.

I've added another to the bottom of my list too, as its a great idea and raises money for charity too :)

102. Make and donate 50 cards to the Do Craft Marie Curie card campaign - done this a few times over, going to continue doing so :)
sealedenvelope: drawingsealedenvelope on September 5th, 2011 10:18 am (UTC)
Re 99. Donate Blood.

If you are based in the UK they have recently changed the rules regarding blood donation and tattoos - you now only have to wait 4 months after getting a tattoo to be able to give (and you have to wait that long anyways to give blood again)

I got my first tattoo a few days after giving blood so that I will be able to give again in 4 months and get my new tattoo afterwards :)
sealedenvelopesealedenvelope on September 5th, 2011 10:19 am (UTC)
Oh and well done on your list so far, it seems to have gone ok, unlike mine and I feel other people, but hey we live and learn :)
Clarabellificationclarabella_h on September 5th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Oooh, that is really interesting! They often have blood drives near where i both live and work, and it's been around 4 months since my last tattoo!

Thanks so much for the info! ^_^